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We are fortunate to have the top performing school district in the state of NC, however it's also the lowest funded.  I support UCPS and the Board of Education.  Results matter and they have delivered.  Our students, staff and Board of Education Members deserve County Commissioners dedicated to working with them and not against them.

Vaccines and Masks

If the Covid-19 pandemic taught us anything, it is that healthcare is not one-size fits all.  Another lesson we learned from the pandemic is just how important our local elected representatives are in protecting our right to medical choice. I respect everyone’s right to the freedom to choose what is best for them and their family.  Your medical choices are your medical choices and I believe that government has no place in them.  I will oppose unconstitutional healthcare mandates at every turn.


In a time of unprecedented federal and state stimulus packages such as the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), our tax rate was unnecessarily increased above revenue neutral last year.  Union County is likely facing another reassessment of property values next year.  Our water rates have already risen 33% and will continue to rise.  As your next commissioner, my promise is to never put an unnecessary burden on the backs of the taxpayers.

Informal Comments from July 19th BOCC Meeting
"Make no mistake, we are in a time of crisis in Union County.  The future development that the tax increases were based on will cease due to capacity limitations on sewer.  So who will pay for it?  Will you attempt to put that burden on our back too?  You have already raised the rates of water 33%.  How much higher are we going to go?  50%?  Or will you stand up and defend residents and put that back on the developers?" - Brian Helms


There shouldn’t have to be funds allocated for transparency, it should be freely given to the taxpayers.  Union County taxpayers deserve transparency with their tax dollars.  Union County deserves a Commissioner who will search the proposed County Budget line by line and question potential wasteful spending.  As your next Commissioner, I will fight for the accountability of every cent of your tax dollars.

Informal Comments from July 19th BOCC Meeting
"How much money did this board spend on redesigning the county logo?  This would have been a great opportunity for the students at CATA, but instead you chose to be wasteful with our tax dollars.  We need to make better use of our resources and stop wasteful spending.  You are writing checks that the taxpayers pay." - Brian Helms

Small Business Support

Both of my parents are small business owners.  Throughout my life, I have witnessed first-hand the struggle and personal sacrifice required to make these businesses successful.  Many of our local small businesses struggled through the pandemic and some may never recover.  Small business and entrepreneurship is critical to the success of Union County.  In my personal life and as your next commissioner, I will support small business.  

Committee to Elect Brian Helms
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